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Tapestry Telehealth relies on cutting-edge technology to bring patients 21st century care. Through easy-to-use, portable telemedicine carts, our medical professionals can be at the bedside in moments. The stations are designed for quick visits and simple setup to save nurses time and make seeing patients easy.

The technology includes a monitor that allows the resident and medical professionals to see and speak with each other in real time.

Working closely with facility nursing staff, Tapestry Telehealth clinicians examine patients using a digitally enhanced stethoscope to listen to the heart, lungs and chest; an otoscope to examine the throat and ears; and a high-definition camera to examine even the smallest wound or skin irritation.

The facility nurse and telehealth clinician also work cooperatively to conduct thorough abdominal, musculoskeletal and neurological examinations.

Each visit takes about five minutes for the physical assessment. 

Clinicians can order tests, start treatments and monitor progress, staying involved every step of the way to ensure residents are safe and getting better.

Telemedicine Cart Features


  • Dedicated PC with large monitor for telemedicine communication.

  • Digitally enhanced stethoscope with headset for nurse.

  • Otoscope for throat and ear exams.

  • Portable zoom camera for wound care.

  • Light ring and speculum attachment to allow for ENT exam.


Easy-to-Use Technology


  • One-Button Technology: Just turn on the computer and connect.

  • Real-Time Discussions: Portable units bring medical professionals to the bedside.

  • Dual Stethoscope: Allows clinician and nurse to listen together.

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