Tapestry Telehealth’s TapestryCare program brings high-quality care directly to you.


Rural nursing homes across the country are implementing TapestryCare as a way to bring physicians, specialists and behavioral health services right to the patient’s bedside, on demand when they’re needed most.


Patients are asking for TapestryCare by name because it reduces the need for long, costly and unnecessary trips outside the nursing facility for basic evaluations, and it enables residents and families to talk directly to clinicians about care.


Nurses and attending staff are embracing TapestryCare because the state-of-the-art telehealth unit is simple and easy to use, and features high-quality video and medical devices that ensure patients get a full evaluation to stay healthy.

How It Works


Medical directors at rural hospitals partner with Tapestry Telehealth to provide a dedicated telemedicine unit that gives residents virtual access to physicians, specialists and behavioral health services.


Tapestry Telehealth medical professionals integrate seamlessly with facility nurses and staff, who make rounds with the easy-to-use unit, which features a digital stethoscope, otoscope and wound care camera for full evaluations.


TapestryCare allows for fast response by board-certified professionals, all at the patient’s bedside, when new a medical condition arises. Patients talk directly with clinicians.


The medical team can order tests, start treatments and monitor conditions, staying involved every step of the way to ensure patients get better and families stay informed.


With TapestryCare, medical care is available every day on site in rural nursing facilities, reducing the need to send patients long distances for evaluations and avoiding unnecessary hospitalizations.

"My Nurse Practitioner, Stephanie, really seemed to listen to what I had to say and was concerned about my well-being. I’m hopeful the changes she is making will reduce my pain and I will be able to start walking more again. I’m looking forward to working with her more!"

- Resident at Lake Mills Care Center

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